How to Make a Clock

May 17, 2009

As you look through furniture stores, boutiques, model homes, and magazines, you will see that large wall clocks are the latest craze in home decorating.  Everyone needs a clock, so why not have a piece of functional art that adds flair to your home decor?  Hand painted wall clocks can be customized with your choice of design and color, and are easy to personalize with a family or business name, established date, or a saying.  A personalized clock makes a perfect wedding, anniversary, or house-warming gift.   

Over the past several years, clocks have become bigger and bigger, and are the focal point in many people’s homes.  A large clock can be a perfect accent over a fireplace mantle, a staircase, a piano, etc.  And the higher your ceilings are, the bigger the clock you can get away with.  

As clock sizes have increased dramatically, so have their prices.  Large wall clocks can cost several hundred dollars, when the cost of supplies may be $20.  (You can find discounts at craft fairs or auction sites, but shipping can be very expensive on oversized clocks.) Some of the well-known clock companies now print their clock faces onto paper and glue them onto a thin backing.  Several smaller businesses hand paint beautiful clocks, and in buying those you are paying for someone’s time.  If you don’t have the time, energy, or desire to make your own clock, then buy one.  But if you have the time, and are a “do-it-yourselfer”, you can make your own wall clocks.  No special skills are needed to make these clocks, just some time and patience. 

 Several years ago, I started a clock-making business.  In the first few months, I spent a lot of time at home improvement and craft stores.  I read books and spent countless hours researching online.  I ordered from several clock suppliers, and experimented with different wood and painting techniques.  Through much trial and error, I developed some helpful tricks.  For nearly three years, I have been successfully selling clocks in boutiques and online. 

 What started as a small home business for a little supplemental income, soon turned into more orders than I could possibly fill on my own.  There is great demand for big clocks!  Whether you would like to make clocks for money (in boutiques, craft fairs, auctions, etc), or would just like to make them for yourself and as gifts, we have some pointers that may help you.